Hi, I'm Pickles.

Brought up in New York City, I was trained by Ed Larkin of the West Mountain Kennel to be a world class bird dog since I was a puppy. Having trained and hunted all over the world, including the Pawling Mountain Club, the Waterhen Lodge, and the East Haddam Fishing and Game Club, it was time to continue the tradition of the Hunting Labradoodle. Hypoallergenic, no shedding, superior intellect, high hunt drive, and the ability to point, flush, retrieve and do waterfowl makes the 55lbs Hunting Labradoodle the only dog for the modern hunter and family.



Where I trained:


The Sire:

Jet, from http://www.killararidge.com 

There are three puppies available

1. Chicken: the first born girl, and a leader

2. Waffles: the second born male, chocolate color and full of energy

3. Champagne: the smallest of the pups, third born and a sweet lady.