Chicken has flown the coop!

Congratulations to Chicken! The newest addition to the Pawling Mountain Club family of dogs! Chicken hit the lotto and is now taking the first step towards a future as a professional hunting dog. We're all jealous Chicken! See you this fall! 

How I got my name - World Cup History

Some of you wonder how I got to be called Pickles.  It's not because my owner thinks its funny to yell Pickles in the park.  Actually there is quite a little story that ties nicely to today's start of the World Cup.  

Back in 1966 England was hosting the World Cup.  Someone stole the trophy and my name sake Pickles found it.  You can read more about this great hero here.

Waffles Walked Today

Holy Shit, Waffles the little beast, stumbled on with a little walk about today.  I may never get any peace and quiet again.  Woof.

Mmmmm poop

No one told me how much puppy poop I'd be eating as a mom.  unexpected bonus! 

Second Day

Wow, this Mom thing is tough work.  My pups are blind and tiny, they cry a lot and that bothers me.  Waffles wont leave me alone, always wanting to keep eating.

I Became a mom

Around 2:00am I had my first puppy.  A little sausage of a baby girl was born.  She was very eager and I named her Chicken.  She is the black one with the little white toe.

Over the next few hours she was followed by Waffles, the brown boy, and then around 7:00am, Champagne, the baby sister came.  She was jet black.


OMG I'm a mom, what do I do?